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About Us

Lake Royale REACT Team 6239

  • Local Charter Team of REACT International
  • VHF & UHF mobile & base for operations
  • CB Channel 9 monitoring for the public
  • Licensed amateur radio operators on staff
  • Emergency back up power
  • CERT members on staff

REACT International




Founded in 1962, REACT International is a IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Service Organization. that has been assisting the public for 54 years.  


We will provide public safety communications to individuals, organizations, and government agencies to save lives, prevent injuries, and give assistance wherever and whenever needed. We will strive to establish a monitoring network of trained volunteer citizen-based communicators using any and all available means to deliver the message. 



REACT International, Inc.Post Office Box 21064Glendale, CA 91221Office:(301) 316 2900Fax: (800) 608-9755Email: ri.hq@reactintl.org 

Current Events


Save the date.  Our first meeting of 2018 will be held at the Lake Royale Clubhouse Saturday January 6 at 11:00am 

Lake Royale REACT Team in January REACTER Magazine

Check this out:  http://issues.thereacter.com/2018/January_2018.pdf

We finally put some content up for the REACT International Newsletter. 

Please contact me if you have other ideas of what we can put into future issues and I will be happy to write that up and send it in.


REACT World Wide Amateur Radio Net Tuesdays 9:00PM EST

REACT conducts a worldwide radio net every Tuesday night at 9:00PM EST.  

The net is held locally on the Carolina 440 UHF Link System via the Wendell or Henderson UHF repeater or via Echolink node 109779.

It is a fun place to connect with REACT and ham members all over the world.  Regulars check in from Australia, Trinidad and the Hawaiian Islands.  

Non-hams can listen in on the Broadcastify link listed in the "Resources" section of this website.

During times of major multi-state emergencies, this net turns formal as an emergency net to coordinate multiple agencies as well as REACT teams.

Need To Pay 2018 REACT Dues by Dec-end

It is that time of the year again.

We all need to pay 2018 dues to keep our memberships active.



My Fellow REACTers,

REACT Membership continues to grow with new applications for team charters arriving throughout the year. This is a healthy indicator as REACT enters its 56th year of public service through communications in the United States, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and other international locations around the world. Have you done your part to help increase our members in the last year?

We have continued to reduce costs of administration and the 2018 dues have not changed. Regular Membership continues to be $20, while Family and Junior Membership continue at $15. If you have three (or more) registered members in the same immediate family, the dues for those additional members remain at $5 each. The general liability insurance premium is still $5 per member for 2018.

Our fully automated registration is not quite ready, but we have streamlined our renewal process in the meantime. Our office volunteers will input and verify all your information and get your membership cards very quickly. REACT International has a PayPal account for receiving funds electronically and you can continue to send checks and money orders.

Attached are instructions for filling out the 2018 RI Registration Forms along with your 2018 Team Renewal Packet.

Your officers and directors look forward to a successful 2018.


John Capodanno


Operation Fast 9

Note if you are a paid REACT member, our team will provide you with a loaner  CB base station if you do not have one.

We have started this loaner program to increase the base station coverage in our area so that the area residents will be able to reach us in times of emergency.

Quantities are limited, contact us for more details.

We need to hear from you if you own a CB

Please contact us through this website if you have a working CB.  We need to know who out there is on the air as part of the community.

Alliance With Lake Royale CERT

Lake Royale REACT Works Side-By-Side With our CERT team


Lake Royale CERT

Lake Royale CERT
Date last updated: Dec 12, 2017

General Information

Month and year the CERT Program was started: February 2003Geographic Area: LOUISBURG (Local) (27549)Point of Contact:

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Monthly Meetings 11:00AM 1st Saturday of Each Month at Lake Royale Clubhouse

CB, VHF, UHF, Amateur Radio -- whatever it takes to stay connected all the time in all conditions.  Serving Lake Royale and Surrounding area.

REACT Emergency Radio Team - Serving Lake Royale

878 Lake Royale Louisburg, NC 27549 United States

CB Channel 9 or KN4DMZ on the KD4MYE 146.805 MHz Louisburg Repeater: (back up repeater 145.21 Auburn. NC Repeater)